To make computers better for humanity.
We, Icesword, Inc., have prepared a system to supply Token (Neumannium) to those who participated in the world's largest public computing grid, World Community Grid, and contributed to research for human progress.


Neumannium (NeuN) is a Token issued by Waves Platform by Icesword, Inc.
World Community Grid, the world’s largest grid computing. Neumannium is supplied to the participants according to the contribution Points Generated.
Anyone participating in World Community Grid can register.

Name : NeuN
Total amount : 92,200,000.000000
Decimal points : 6
Type : Not reissuable
Asset ID : 8vVBbuW1L5fXpmKpvRz7EovRGib74FCFMUGL6DHJV1NR

Having respect to the computer

Computers overflowing all over the world. Most of it is made up of basic configuration called “von Neumann type computer”.

That device you are currently reading this sentence should also be made with von Neumann configuration.

When Icesword, Inc. issues its token,

We have named it “Neumannium” with respect to those computers who contributed greatly to the development of human race.

We hope that Neumannium will be useful for mankind to go one step further.

About World Community Grid

World Community Grid is the world’s largest grid computing project.
It was launched by the US computer company IBM.
World Community Grid provides research results on non-profit and public domain (state without intellectual property right) which will be “Contribution to humanity”.
Analysis of treatment for new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), Research that leads to childhood cancer treatment, project to identify new drugs in HIV, research on Ebola, Tuberculosis, Jika fever,
World Community Grid conduct various medical research projects.
Like other grid computing, World Community Grid is a mechanism to construct a huge virtual supercomputer composed of connected computer terminals and to do various medical research using it.
Distributing complex research and experiments and letting them process them individually.
Desktop · Laptop · Android mobile terminal (tablet, smartphone) etc. to the terminal such as,
Calculation processing is executed while each terminal is in the idle state.
Computed results are collected and sent to researchers after electronic “post processing”.
Valuable research information that researchers have been waiting for is packaged beautifully and delivered.
Participation in the World Community Grid may be exactly “gifts” for researchers.
More than 1,300,000 people in 80 countries around the world, More than 4 million computers, The computing capacity of mobile terminals.
By providing these, Researchers can use computing time comparable to huge cost, and research results can be obtained in just a few weeks to several months.
“World Community Grid is the ultimate grid computing to advance humankind one step ahead at the present time,” Icesword, Inc. thinks.


Icesword, Inc. doesn’t do Neumannium’s ICO (Initial coin offering).
In addition, Neumannium is not mostly owned by Icesword, Inc., the operating parent.
The only supply method is to distribute 10,000 NeuN per day depending on the achievements of the participants in World Community Grid.
The 92,200,000 NeuN issued will be out of supply at the time of singularity (technical singularity) in 2045 AD.
See the graph below for changes in supply.

Join the NeuN Gateway

Please check the following items and fill in.

Waves Address
・World Community Grid Username
・World Community Grid Verification code
・Data Sharing ”Display my data

You will not be able to participate in the following situations.
・When data is set to “Hide my data“.
・When the Points Generated of WCGrid cannot be confirmed.
・When the WCGrid member name is changed.

    Data Sharing Display my data

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