Until the character “Overdroid” is born

In order to get more familiar with grid computing, the character “overdroid” created by Icesword.
Let’s take a look at the trajectory of its birth on this page!

Very initial Overdroid

Early design was very pop & cool feeling.
Everyone has a long and stylish hand and foot.
Even if the design is different

  • 6 girls
  • Various different types

These two points have not changed.

"It might be better to have a more friendly, cute look."

Such an opinion came out, and it gradually approached the present figure little by little.
Compared to the completed character, I think you can see that the prototype was already made.

Currently, the hair color is also slightly different 6 people

They were tall and smart images

Sharpness was added to the body shape, and it became closer to the current shape

We reexamined his character slightly, and it became a more familiar design

more pretty, more like "human"

"Overdroid" is an android (robot), but we made them "girls" to make them familiar to everyone.
They are precious girls, We hope they will further increase "humanity" and be cute and attractive!
So we decided to change the design.

And so, Let's make the character division of the six persons and the role sharing clearer as well! It would be better to have more variations in their shape!
The icesword entertainment department staff repeatedly attended various planning meetings, and the character changed more attractively.

Let’s look at each character from now on!


leader of Overdroid, Kagura!
She has hardly changed her character since the beginning.
From the beginning "hot blood" "straight" "powerful" It was set with such a hero element full load.
The design looks cooler than it is now.
It was a character with many parts like boys.

We left a lot of personality parts intact, plus a slightly stupid character that is too hot and runaway.
And we added the part her clown as spice.
And she also became a pretender.
And She became looks more dignified and cute face.
In addition, height and physique were set aiming at the average system of Japanese women.

The foundation of the design of the battle suits has already been completed

Unchanging hot blood elements

The face is stronger than it is now!

The setting that likes the plastic model was from the beginning

Like a boy

Almost determined
Very cute!

In the early days, She was the slimest body among the six bodies.

Skin color remains brown setting

Almost determined
Lovely like a child!


A little girl, Lico!
She also has few changes from the beginning.
She is energetic and the youngest age concept.

Changing age a little younger in order to change the character.
And she seems to be a child and cute.
A little boyishness disappeared, girls' likeness was added.
Height / physique was set as a girl of elementary school age.


Various parts are huge for Vurco.
She changed a lot compared to the early days.
Initially she was unconfident about herself, she was a senior sister who wore glasses.
Body shape is also normal.

We wanted you to feel motherhood for her. And the age was set highest. That is why the personality has changed into like a gentle sister or mother.
And it turned into a very glamorous body.
Icesword 's designer said, "I want you to think that it is big like a mobile armor when you first saw her."
For that reason, height and physique have been set to huge.

Vurco as early days

She grew steadily and steadily ...

Almost determined
Overflowing motherhood!

Long hair from the early days

Also from the beginning somewhere a noble impression

Almost determined
Character was twists and turns, but the appearance did not change much.


Lady last in the cosmic, Princess Subaru!
She was a difficult character for her birth.
Character / role setting was not decided as clearly.

Let's make it a rival of Kagra! And decided.
After that, the setting was decided steadily to become contrasted with Kagra.
For rough, romantic Kagura, Subaru is a lady and realist, and so on.
In addition to that, we also added an unexpected aspect of "global culture mania".
Height / physique was set as a good woman with glamorous style.
By the way she was the most popular in cloud funding.
It was worth the effort to create her.


Love to take a nap, Alma!
She is also a character that changed significantly compared to the beginning.
Initially she was "cutesy". It is a big difference from now.

We decided Alma as we thought we wanted a lazy person. "She want to sleep".
If it does anyway, let's make it a very lazy girl.
That is why it has become quite different from cutesy.
We want that to be popular among people who don't want to work in the whole world lol
We set her height / physique as a feeling without sharpness.

It's seems like "Princess of somewhere"

character that want to sleep has not changed.

Almost determined
After all twin tail.

A little sporty than now

Short jacket doesn't change from the beginning

Almost determined Bobcat is justice!


Quiet girl, Ciho!
She also has few changes from the beginning.
She was set as a quiet and excellent girl.

We made her to a girl who doesn't speak almost to make her character stand out.
Since she hardly talks, the performance of the body became important, and we set it to have something strange.
Please pay attention to the behavior of Ciho in the cartoon.
Also, because we wanted a mysterious impression, I added a cat element to the design of the battle suits.
Height and physique were set to the youngest age after Lico.

The trajectory of overdroid birth introduced roughly! How was it?

The six girls will continue the adventure of the tremendous universe from now on.

Everyone, please support them!


Until "Hakase" is born


A guardian of six, Hakase!
After the overdroid six people decided, a doctor was born by saying "It's indispensable to Science fiction manga!"

While being a guardian of overdroid, I set it as a character that will explain the world view.
At the beginning was a bit (rude) uncle, but he changed to a gentleman that to be "a little unreliable but an ideal father."
Also, in order to make a big difference with six people from the beginning, the setting "face is a dog" and "setting of hologram without substance" has not changed.

Hakase in early days is sloppy

He is a hologram but smokes

Almost determined
We made him stop smoking