Start Claiming Reward

This is the application page of the token supply system “Computing for Good” by OVER DROID and World Community Grid. Either of the following is mandatory for application.
  • OVER DROIDのPurchase OVER DROID and make it operate. Register Waves Wallet Address.
  • Participation in the World Community Grid and contribution record. Register Waves Wallet Address.

Please fill in the required items after completing all preparations.


"Computing for Good" is a service targeting those who "purchase and using OVER DROID sold by our company", or "participants in the World Community Grid". If you don't have OVER DROID and you are not participating in the World Community Grid, please note that you can not register for service even if you apply. Also, please prepare the Waves Wallet Address in advance.

Please check the following items and fill in

In case of application with OVER DROID
・Information on the back of the character card attached to OVER DROID

  • hostname
  • user
  • password

・Waves Wallet Address

In case of application with World Community Grid
・World Community Grid Username
・World Community Grid Verification code
・Waves Wallet Address
・E-mail Address

We may stop distributing this service without prior notice to our customers due to circumstances of our company, or change tokens to another one.
We can not respond to OVER DROID return / refund due to cancellation of token supply, change.
We do not take responsibility for the services such as various Wallet · accounts provided by Waves, its specifications and changes.

Also, if the following conditions are confirmed, the application can not be accepted.
Even if it becomes clear after registration, supply may be stopped and registration may be canceled.
・When changing the internal host name of OVER DROID.
・When Icesword can’t confirm the operation of your OVER DROID.
・When the contribution record of World Community Grid can not be confirmed.
・When the World Community Grid’s Username is changed.
・In addition, when judging that there is an illegal act
In addition, you can not register unless OVER DROID is activated and we can check the result of the calculation.

Please be forewarned in advance.