About Grid computing

Grid computing (alias : Distributed computing) means collecting the power of computers all over the world, and to exercise computing power comparable to supercomputers.

It is mechanism that Instead of doing huge and complicated calculations on some supercomputers, we disperse, cooperate, and get the same result as that.

Only a limited number of people, companies and organizations can actually use supercomputers and achieve results.
However, with grid computing more people can benefit from computing power equivalent to that supercomputer.

Icesword uses "BOINC" which is one of them, and "BOINC" helps research in various fields such as astronomy, mathematics, physics and medical care.


BOINC is a software program developed by the University of California, Berkeley as a platform for grid computing projects.

The official name is "Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing".

"Grid computing" that connects multiple computers using an electronic network and processes huge calculations such as data analysis.
Although it is an epoch-making system, a huge number of computers are required to realize it.

Therefore, by connecting the computers of volunteer participants by electronic network and utilizing the surplus computing capacity which users do not use, realize large scale parallel processing !

BOINC is a program to do that.

There are several projects using BOINC, all over the world.
For example, the exploration of the universe, the development of new medicines and the research of intractable diseases, all of which require enormous calculation processing.

About Einstein@Home

Einstein@Home is a project to find "gravitational waves" that are expected to exist by Einstein 's theory of relativity.

In February 2016, LIGO, a large-scale physics laboratory facility for the detection of gravitational waves, succeeded in directly detecting gravitational waves for the first time in history.

"Gravitational wave" Einstein predicted its existence.
It's said that if this research progresses, it will be possible to observe the new appearance of the universe in the extreme state which could not be seen by conventional observation methods such as electromagnetic waves.
The beginning of the universe, the center of the supernova explosion, the surface of the black hole...

If you can analyze the black holes in more detail than ever, development of time machines and teleporting equipment may not be a dream.

About SETI@home

SETI@home is a project to explore extraterrestrial intelligent life forms (extraterrestrial life and extraterrestrial intelligence) using a computer connected to the Internet.

"Exploration of extraterrestrial intelligent life forms" is a project to explore radio waves of extraterrestrial origin. We are analyzing radio waves received at the Arecibo Observatory.

"SETI@home" demonstrates first-class computing power with support from people all over the world.

It's a large project with many supporters. It's sometimes called "the world's fastest super computer", "the fastest super computer in human history".

And in February 2017 NASA officially announced "We have discovered seven extrasolar planets that closely resemble the earth in the universe 39 light years away."
Perhaps, the alien may be close to us.

About World Community Grid

World Community Grid is the world's largest grid computing project.
It was launched by the US computer company IBM.
World Community Grid provides research results on non-profit and public domain (state without intellectual property right) which will be "Contribution to humanity".

Research that leads to childhood cancer treatment, project to identify new drugs in HIV, research on Ebola, Tuberculosis, Jika fever,
World Community Grid conduct various medical research projects.

Like other grid computing, World Community Grid is a mechanism to construct a huge virtual supercomputer composed of connected computer terminals and to do various medical research using it.

Distributing complex research and experiments and letting them process them individually.
Desktop · Laptop · Android mobile terminal (tablet, smartphone) etc. to the terminal such as,
Calculation processing is executed while each terminal is in the idle state.

Computed results are collected and sent to researchers after electronic "post processing".

Valuable research information that researchers have been waiting for is packaged beautifully and delivered.

Participation in the World Community Grid may be exactly "gifts" for researchers.

More than 700,000 people in 80 countries around the world, More than 3 million computers by 440 institutions, The computing capacity of mobile terminals.
By providing these, Researchers can use computing time comparable to huge cost, and research results can be obtained in just a few weeks to several months.

"World Community Grid is the ultimate grid computing to advance humankind one step ahead at the present time," Icesword thinks.