Let's change the future with us.

What's the first computer for you ?
Do you remember feelings when you got it ?

You can play as many games as you want,
I can make music myself,
Research progresses dramatically,
Communicate with people all over the world,
And everyone would have imagined every future by using computers.

About 70 years have passed since the birth of the computer "ENIAC" made for the first time by umankind. In the 70 years, its capacity has evolved over 10 billion-fold.

What is the purpose of using huge computing power?
Is it a computer of the future that we imagined once?

Now we are surrounded by various computers.
Mobile, Personal computer, Toys, Car ...
What is defined as a computer is used for various things.
In that sense, we may have come to the future world.

However, The impact when you touched the existence of computer for the first time probably was much bigger.
Mankind once arrived at the moon with computers of the older generation game machine level, so in modern times we can realize bigger ones.
Modern computers are incorporated into social mechanisms, they are just "tools" for many people.

Why don't you dream a computer again?

We can still have fun and hope of finding new things.
Let's change the future by participating in grid computing with Icesword.