Neumannium is an original token issued by Icesword at the Waves Platform.
We supply Neumannium according to credit to participants in Grid Computing (Einstein@Home and SETI@home) from OVER DROID registered in our service "Computing for Good".
Also "Computing for Good" distributes Neumannium according to credits to people participating in the World Community Grid in the same way.
Anyone with OVER DROID and anyone participating in the World Community Grid can register for "Computing for Good".

Asset Name : Neumannium
Decimals : 5
Asset ID : 9aRZU4M8xNGXYo3AfNK1hoeQTNUEKrQv2W8Vae8oKfrJ

Having respect to the computer

Computers overflowing all over the world. Most of it is made up of basic configuration called “von Neumann type computer”.

That device you are currently reading this sentence should also be made with von Neumann configuration.

When Icesword Inc. issues its Original token,

We have named it “Neumannium” with respect to those computers who contributed greatly to the development of human race.

We hope that Neumannium will be useful for mankind to go one step further.


Point Rally

The issue format of Neumannium changed.
Up to now, it was a method of supplying newly every time.
However, this time, "first restriction" was set, it was issued all at once, it becomed "point rally form" where the user digests it.
It's a "First limit", when the supply amount reaches the limit, the second and third limits are released.
And a little "story" is associated with the point rally.
The first restriction is "41388786.61306 Neumannium". This is related to a specific number.
The first limit of this time is "41388786.61306 Neumannium" This is related to a certain number.
Neumannium point rally "Flight Around the Solar System“ Prologue being released!


41388786.61306 Neumannium


Enjoy & Exciting

We want to spread grid computing.
We are acting because we simply think that this grid computing is "interesting".
And we think that it is important to be "interesting".
With that feeling, we can continue our activities and challenge new things. I believe so.
In order to convey this "interesting" to more people, Icesword Inc. was born.
Tomorrow, a quantum computer with overwhelming computing power is put to practical use and calculations for several years may be over in a moment.
Some people think that grid computing is inefficient.
But, until now it has been obvious that the computer will evolve everyday, but how many things called supercomputers have been made?
Today, by advancing the BOINC project, we can contribute to society steadily by gradually advancing world research.
Even though it will be inefficient compared to supercomputers, even if the same amount of calculations are handled instantly in the future, by increasing the knowledge of "now" human beings.
The life saved and the environment to be improved will be more.
If you think grid computing that "interesting",
It means that participation in grid computing can be established as a social system,
You can believe that you have a possibility to evolve dramatically than the current situation that is made up by public institutions and few mania.
To the world where people and people, computers and computers "grid" with each other.
Let's change the future by participating in grid computing along with icesword Inc.



Indiegogo launch
Kickstarter launch
OVER DROID's overseas sales started
Supply started at World Community Grid


Scheduled to list on a foreign exchange
Expansion of service


Aim for the use of Neumannium with various settlements


Icesword doesn’t do Neumannium's ICO (Initial coin offering).
Although Neumannium's issue limit isn't currently set, issue volume will be gradually released by "issue limits" set multiple times.
Issued Neumannium is used for supplying to users with "Computing for good” and special distribution event such as AirDrop.
As a result, Icesword which is the management mother does not possess much.
Please refer to the graph below for supply status.


Very Easy Exchange

Currently, we are developing a wallet application specialized in Neumannium.

In the store corresponding to BTC settlement, using WAVES API,

With this procedure, Neumannium settlement will be possible.

Get Neumannium