Flight Around the Solar System


~ Dr. Yamada’s Space Voyage Diary ~

January 1st of the year Over Century.

I couldn’t confirm the calendar data that mankind used.

For convenience of diary logging,

I enacted today as January 1st of the year Over Century, I decided to use it for future records.

I’m Yamada. Dr.Yamada.

Main computer indirect auxiliary interactive user interface of Spaceship Icesword.

It is a UI that thinks for crew assistance, which is displayed by a hologram.

That I started, that is …

Unfortunately, “humanity” seems to have been destroyed…

It is a very pessimistic fact, that is already done.

I have no choice but to do what I can do now.

I thought at the speed of electrons as soon as started up. I felt the need to record this diary, and started this record now.

However, as memory seems to be hazy, I feel that there are several things that I can not remember even if I want to remember.

Was there a problem with importing data?

I am …

Here I came up with the possibility that spaceship energy is not enough.

The main computer installed in the spaceship Icesword.

The huge spaceship body should have enormous energy.

I thought that the cause was due to insufficient energy of the spaceship.

And this spaceship Icesword should be able to convert sunlight and solar heat into energy.

I thought further.

Although the numerical data of the solar system is preserved in the computer, it may not be actually observed data.

While observing the solar system and recording its data, first go to the direction of the sun to replenish energy.

I decided to head toward the nearest planet “Venus” from the earth toward the sun.

I hope this observation record and energy will be useful for “girls”.

This ship’s only crew still sleeping now.

The girls who mimic human beings and can also be said to be dolls with intelligence and mind.


Until they woke up, I started the ship to carry out what I could do now.