Get a piece of Supercomputer

The world's first, BOINC Entertainment Computer

Grid computing BOINC exclusive use, Ultra small computing machine

“OVER DROID” is a Grid computing (alias : Distributed Computing) BOINC exclusive use, Ultra small computing machine by Icesword.
No troublesome setting or operation is required.
“BOINC” will start as soon as connecting two cables.
The results obtained by the BOINC calculation are utilized in various research around the world, and can contribute to the future and the development of mankind.
Furthermore, “OVER DROID” fuses entertainment elements such as comics and animation by original characters.
The world’s first BOINC entertainment computer that makes social contribution more easily and fun by grid computing.
That is “OVER DROID”.

How to use

When "OVER DROID" reaches you, grid computing "BOINC" can be started immediately.
Open the box and connect the power cable and Ethernet cable connected to the Internet to "OVER DROID".
No troublesome setting or operation is necessary.
Your "OVER DROID" will start the computation leading to the universe.

OVER DROID Update and roll out

OVER DROID of black alumite body updated its base.
We upgraded from Raspberry Pi 3 Model B to Raspberry Pi 3 Model B +.
As before, if you connect the cable, you can calculate automatically and participate in "Computing for good" is also possible.
At the time of updating, price revisions were realized by reviewing the total cost.
Solid-state OVER DROID and Transparent OVER DROID SUBSTANCE
Please choose your favorite model.

"Energy saving" "Simple" "Compact"

The power of OVER DROID is from microUSB.
Since it is a simple design, it turns on and off by plugging in and unplugging the power cable.
Required power capacity: 5V/2.4A
Energy conservation with about 5 W power consumption during calculation processing.
Also, OVER DROID is very compact and not takes up space.
A simple body made up of two plate cases and base does not interfere with the interior no matter where it is placed in the room.
In everyday life, volunteer to lead a little to the universe.
A romantic volunteer, that is OVER DROID.


Raspberry Pi 3 Model B or B+


Aluminum alloy black alumite processing or Acrylic clear



Power consumption

About 5 W

OVER DROID = Overdroid

Also, the “OVER DROID” you choose is linked with the character “Overdroid”.
All OVER DROID calculation results are automatically compiled for each character, and numbers and graphs are announced at the official WEB site.
Furthermore, the calculation result and progress contents of the research project are reflected in entertainment works such as comic books and illustration provided by Icesword, and you can see their success.

There are currently two types of “BOINC” projects that you can participate by “OVER DROID”.
“Analysis of gravitational wave data (Einstein@Home)” and “Exploration of extraterrestrial intelligent life forms (SETI@home)”
Check on the project you want to participate, please choose from six types of bodies.