Before using

The inside of OVER DROID during startup may become extremely hot.
Please be careful not to touch the interior during startup as there is fear of burns.

OVER DROID during start-up also radiates the heat generated from the CPU from the exterior panel.
Please install in a well-ventilated flat place.

OVER DROID is designed to be extremely weak against external heat, moisture, shocks.
Please be careful not to put it on the kitchen gas stove, the sink periphery, or in places such as unstable high altitude, as it may cause breakdown.

How to use

How to use "OVER DROID" is very easy.

Just connect the Ethernet cable and the Micro USB power supply.
There is no power switch etc.
If the LED lights up, the power is turned on and OVER DROID is running.

Repeat the program which receives operation automatically from each BOINC project and sends it back after it finishes.
If you decide not to use it please remove each cable.

Operation check

Login information listed on the back of the character card included in the product is required.




Replacement Regulation

Warranty Regulation