Welcome to Icesword !

I’m Dr. Yamada, a guide.

This page briefly explains what is in the Icesword.

If you find something you want, take a good look at it.

It is the page you are currently viewing. When you get lost, please come and watch.

There are several menus.

  • Statement
    It’s a message from the Icesword.

  • Grid Computing
    This is a page that briefly explains Grid computing and “BOINC” and “World Community Grid” in it.

  • Corporate
    It’s an overview of Icesword Inc. Please look when you have time.

  • Press
    I and Ciho will send you notice from Icesword.

It’s a page that explains Icesword’s product “OVER DROID”.

It’s the page of the character introduction of the entertainment work “Overdroid”. I’m also there, so try finding. You can also check the numerical value of BOINC calculation result on this page.

This page describes Icesword’s Original token “Neumannium”.

It’s a system that supplies tokens to people who contributed to world research with OVER DROID. It is a very innovative attempt. For details, please read the corresponding page.

It’s an inquiry form. For inquiries about various questions and services, please do from here.